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11gR2 Physical Data Guard Setup project, with Active Data Guard option (English and French)

The purpose of this document is to create a step by step guideline for using the Oracle Data Guard a High available mechanism.

The Oracle version is 11gR2.

We will first introduce to you the Oracle Data Guard. We will define the requirements for this demonstration.

We will create 2 windows virtual machines using Oracle virtual Box. Then, We will set up the Primary database.

After that, we will use Recovery Manager RMAN to create the Standby database, and, we will check the…


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How to fix ORA-979: not a GROUP BY expression in version

1- Introduction:
After migration my Oracle version 10gR2 to 11gR2 (, Some of the queries did not run successfully.
Some of the queries gave me an ORA-979 error.
In this article, I am going to explain how to fix the error. Oracle says ORA-979 in 11gR2 is a bug.
The bug number is 9411496.


Read more here: http://www.oracle-class.com/?p=1337

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processing – code: -14551 msg: ORA-14551: cannot perform a DML operation inside a query in version

From 10g of Oracle, the “dbms_space.object_growth_trend” is a new useful pipelined function that displays the segment growth at a specific point in time. The statistics are collected from the Automatic Workload Repository Facilities (AWRF) every day.

The column QUALITY has 3 different values: “GOOD”, “INTERPOLATED”, “PROJECTION”.


Read more here:  http://www.oracle-class.com/?p=1347

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Online RAC DBA training - Instructor lead

Hi All,

Greetings from TutorsOnInternet.
Why you need to attend this training:-Any one , who wants to  start   their career as  RAC DBA, need to know the basic concept as well as hand-on experience.Otherwise its difficult to get entry and survival in DBA filed.Working…

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http://rafioracledba.blogspot.com/ Continue

Added by Rafiuddin Alvi on January 18, 2011 at 11:11pm — No Comments Grid Infrastructure Install or Upgrade may fail due to Multicasting Requirement

This is a bug to aware, If someone install Oracle Grid Infrastructure for Cluster, and run "root.sh" command on node02 (and multicasting is not enabled on private network).

Oracle Grid Infrastructure introduces new feature called Redundant Interconnect allowing for Oracle Supplied redundancy for the cluster interconnect. With this new feature, multicast network communication on the private interconnect network is utilized on bootstrap to…

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Somasoft Solutions.


SOMASOFT is a high value full service…


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How to upgrade ASM after Install Grid Infrastructure Software Only?

Posted "struggle to Upgrade Oracle Database to" topic, and someone comment me "Upgrade Grid Infrastructure to ASM after Installed Grid Infrastructure Software Only"

So, just tested to upgrade ASM after installed Grid Infrastructure Software Only…


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Flashback Database puts Physical Standby into MOUNT from READ-ONLY OPEN

Another bit of discovery from my present Data Guard course in Munich: If you have a Physical Standby opened READ-ONLY, you can do Flashback Database in that state without first shutting down and going to status MOUNT:


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Clone Database from Snapshot Standby Database

In 11g, we introduced the new feature Snapshot Standby Database for Data Guard.In my current Data Guard course, one of the attendees asked, whether itis possible to create a Database Clone out of such a Snapshot StandbyDatabase. Maybe you want to preserve the changes that have been doneduring the time, your Physical Standby Database was turned into aREAD-WRITE opened (Test-)Database. I…


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Database Migration to ASM with short downtime

We start this scenario with a small Database running in aconventional filesystem, setup ASM instance and two ASM diskgroups,then migrate to ASM with the downtime it takes only to shutdown andrestart the instance – in other words, the downtime will be in therange of only minutes on a productive system. The example is done on asmall Linux server using Oracle Database Enterprise Edition,but should work very similar on other platforms and with the 10gversion as well:…


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Real-Time Query and Automatic Block Media Recovery in 11gR2

Yesterday, I posted about dealing with Block Corruption in general. Special case is Block Corruption in a Data Guard Environment, where we introduced the New Feature Automatic Block Media Recovery (ABMR). Yes, another cool abbrevation from the  the Oracle Realm:…


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Dealing with Oracle Database Block Corruption in 11g

When we look at physical damage of datafiles, the effects are notalways so drastic that the file is completely destroyed. Sometimes,only small parts of the file are damaged resp. corrupted. It may very well not even noticed for a while. This posting is designed to show how to a) detect block corruption and b) recover from it:…


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Real-Time Query for Read-Mostly Applications

Here is one nice little demonstration from my last 11gR2 Data Guardclass that I’d like to share with the Oracle Community. It is aboutenabling Read-Mostly Applications to run on a Physical Standbydatabase, leveraging the 11g New Feature Real-Time Query (part of theActive Data Guard Option):


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Brief introduction into External Tables

As an Oracle DBA, you will sooner or later encounter the task to dealwith interface files (Flat Files) from some other application that youneed to process in your Oracle Database. External Tables, introduced in9i already, are usually the tool of choice for that and can beconsidered as the successor of the ancient SQL*Loader for that purpose:…


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Recover Dropped tablespace using RMAN tablespace point in time recovery

This is new feature for Oracle 11g R2.Here I'm go to demonstrate How to recover dropped Tablespace using RMAN Tablespace point in time recovery.

Download PDF Document from here

Recover Dropped tablespace using RMAN TSPITR pdfRight Click on this URL, Save Target as  & then Download it.
Step 1: Create Tablespace


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Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest

One of the most valuable assets of an organization, data lies at the heart of business. It impacts everything from customer service to email deliverability and ultimately revenue generation. If the data that you have is not accurate, it will have a direct impact on your company’s ability to meet…


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Draw Actionable Insights and Make Better Decisions with Data Mining Services

Data Mining is the process of analyzing and extracting crucial information from a database and presenting the same in an appropriate way to help business cut cost and boost revenue. In simple words it is the process of drawing crucial and actionable insights, which is imperative for better decision making.

Data mining is crucial for effective management of your business. It is also used for verifying whether or not the strategies are going as planned so as to provide desired results.…


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Attain Data Accuracy, Competitive Pricing, and Quick Turnaround Time by Outsourcing Data Entry Services

In order to focus on crucial business activities, organizations worldwide prefer outsourcing data entry services to reliable service providers. Though redundant but highly crucial, data entry still remains an important component of document management and requires vigorous quality checks. Outsourcing data entry tasks to experts ensures affordable and quality output while saving time and resources that can be…


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Present and Exchange Documents Reliably With Portable Document Format

Are you having data in large volumes that needs to be converted from hard copy to PDF format? Can you imagine how much time it would take you to manually convert this data? Well, if you know, then what’s the point of putting in lot of efforts and time?

With the help of PDF data entry services, this task can be made a lot easier. Data entry experts can help you save time and efforts…


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