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MetaLink Outage Planned for Weekend of April 4, 2008

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What is actually running right now?

Oracle has always supplied tools to show us database activity, but they aren’t always user friendly, or formatted well. In version 5, there was ODS (Oracle Display System?), which showed connect sessions, locks and i/o, and not much more than that.

In v6, they gave us the command line utility SQL*DBA, which included a “monitor” section. This section showed sessions, i/o, cpu, and other activity. But it just dumped everything to the screen, with very little options for ordering and… Continue

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The Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering

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I decided to start this to blog, to let you know about my project's Progress.
If you have any ideas feel free to let me know and if you don't know the project
I'm working on feel free to take a look to my website at project Panthera.

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new post - Oracle 11g New Feature Case-sensitive passwords

Read it at my blog => 11g new feature : Case-sensitive passwords

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My Blog

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Happy Easter and

Since nobody says nothing i wish you have an happy easter (for who celebrate it) but i want also remember that since few days it's out Patchset for windows 32 bit platform and for linux x86-64 platform wich are the platforms on wich i work. I hope to start testing this new patchset.

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The Ning platform, on which this site is built, has just been updated. This latest release introduced a slew of new features and brought many improvements to existing ones.

Completely redesigned blog, group, photo, video and forum detail pages:

More than 30 professionally designed new themes:…


Added by Eddie Awad on March 20, 2008 at 11:39pm — 2 Comments - The complete Web 2.0 directory

A comprehansive index of logos of the latest web 2.0 applications and services. Find what you need.

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new blog post - A little more on External Tables

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Suntec’s Data Mining Services Help You Get Efficient Data

It is a well- established fact that the availability of accurate and updated data is the base of undertaking successful business operations. Data is required at all point of business operations ranging from buying of goods and services from suppliers to marketing your final product. Often, business organizations fail to utilize their data to its full potential.

At SunTec, our…


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Convert Prospects into Repeat Customers with Amazon Data Entry Services

eCommerce store owners get a better exposure for their products by selling on a platform like Amazon. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or you are already a seller who needs help in managing product listings on this popular online marketplace, stop worrying. Professionals with sound technical knowledge of Amazon product listings, categorization, content, etc. are there to make things easier for you.

You can outsource …


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Increase Sales with Unique and Compelling Product Descriptions

Are you thinking about opening an online store? Or, do you already have one? Whether you have a small online business or a big store, the manner in which you list your products leads to a dramatic impact on your sales.

Don’t just sell a product, you need to sell an experience.
You yourself get excited about the features and specifications of your products. But the problem is that your…


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Business Research Helps You Understand Critical Traits of Your Business

Business organization needs strong customer and actionable industry insights to develop better understanding of its market and other important aspects. It can meet business objectives and make tactical, strategic and operational decisions with the help of business research services. The growth of a company largely depends on effective business research. You can conduct a successful market research with…


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