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We Now have a nice DBA 2.0 community

To all who have joined the community I hope you have had occasions to post questions to others in the community. My purpose in creating this was to create a specific forum and meetinplace for those Oracle DBAs who have or wish to attain or improve their skills in OS, storage and networks. Whilst Harald van Bfreederode and myself continue to blog on our own blogs the Message of DBA 2.0 skills is still very important. Please help us all by sharing ideas and knowledge for members of this… Continue

Added by Joel Goodman on March 31, 2009 at 10:17am — 5 Comments

Start & Stop 11i Process Details

ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts - start or stop the database - start or stop the database listener

COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts - start or stop the APPS listener - start or stop the Apache web listener - start or stop the concurrent manager - start or stop Forms Metrics Server - start or stop Forms Metrics Server - start or stop the forms server -… Continue

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How to Verify a Patch applied? Handy SQL

Just run this sample sql changing the patch number (3061831) in sqlplus or Toad.

SELECT DISTINCT rpad(a.bug_number,11)|| rpad(e.patch_name,11)||rpad(trunc(c.end_date),12) ||rpad(b.applied_flag,4)


ad_bugs a,

ad_patch_run_bugs b,

ad_patch_runs c,

ad_patch_drivers d,

ad_applied_patches e

WHERE a.bug_id = b.bug_id

AND b.patch_run_id = c.patch_run_id

AND c.patch_driver_id = d.patch_driver_id

AND d.applied_patch_id =… Continue

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How do you check the profile option values using sql - Oracle Applications?

How do you check the profile option values using sql - Oracle Applications? -> profile option values

Profile Options provide flexibility to Oracle Apps. They are a key component of Oracle Applications, hence these much be understood properly. I will be taking multiple examples here to explain what profile options mean. I will also try to explain by stepping into Oracle shoes “How will you design a program that is flexible”, by using Profile… Continue

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List of Reposibilities for an user - Handy sql reference

I often get this issue to find out list of responsibilities assigned to an user, mainly to review the SOX controls or to enable new responsibilities.

Lazy enough to go to System Administrator screen to query it. I always keep the TOAD open session and it is easy to grab the details using this sql.

SELECT fu.user_name,frt.RESPONSIBILITY_NAME, fu.user_id,furg.responsibility_id


fnd_user_resp_groups furg,


fnd_responsibility_tl… Continue

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Two new(ish) blog posts: EBS log files and still more EBS and Grid Control

Whose log file is it, anyway?

I wrote a quick and dirty script to query FND_PROFILE tables to get information about a log file I found on an E-Business Suite app tier. Not particularly revolutionary, but on the off-chance that it helps someone, I'm sharing.

More fun with Grid Control and EBS

After two months of… Continue

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Blog'n courtesy - provide print.css

This is just a thought about making our information more accessible. I've adopted a print.css on my main blog to expand all content on an entry and strip unnecessary header, footer, and sidebar information.

Aside from the striping the useless page stuff, a print.css let me unfold all my entries. This was important since I adopted JQuery folding on the pages based on feedback from readers. The folding forces me to reflect a bit more before I post something and hopefully avoids… Continue

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Pipelined Table Functions Examples

When I presented the concept at the Utah Oracle User’s Group (UTOUG) Training Days 3/12-3/13/2009 it became clear the community could benefit from more detail about table and pipelined table functions. I updated my old entry, more or less rewrote it entirely, now there's a 16 page post. Hope you enjoy it.

Also, about a month or so ago I began tweeting. You can find me at MacLochlainn… Continue

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Enterprise Data Auditing

Securing sensitive data in database environments is only one piece of the compliance puzzle. Ensuring that you are alerted when unusual activity is occurring and keeping a secure and searchable audit log of database changes is critical to maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements as well as ensuring adherence to corporate information governance policies. Database audit tools allow enterprises to mitigate security risks with real-time… Continue

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Migration methodology with measurable performance milestones

The need for migration of applications in enterprises arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges to improve operational efficiency and to manage risk. Addressing the growing need of enterprise application networks to migrate data across applications, protocols and proprietary data structures; enterprise data migration solution enables seamless data migration across enterprise applications.

Maintaining… Continue

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Architect Survey

In the interest of learning more about the architect community within the larger Oracle community, I've created a short survey on Survey Monkey.

Click Here to take survey

You'll notice that there's not a single question about what Oracle products you use, or when your company plans to make a purchase. I don't ask for your email address or telephone number, or anything more specific than city,… Continue

Added by Bob Rhubart on March 16, 2009 at 4:56am — No Comments

Hint parallel

This time the subject is how Oracle evaluates NOT EXISTS and NOT IN clauses and hints that influence anti-join query optimization.

Below query had no respond for hours before I started to work on it, two table have some 100 millions of rows in this example;

-- original query

SELECT /*+ parallel (q1,16) */ count(*)

FROM party PARTITION(party_01) q1

WHERE party_id NOT IN (SELECT /*+ hash_aj */ party_id

FROM party_new… Continue

Added by Hossein Heidarpour on March 13, 2009 at 7:20am — No Comments

Data Privacy Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite

Data in production systems use highly available redundant Tier 1 storage systems. Enterprise data archiving is a proven strategy to relocate data to less expensive Tier 2 storage, reducing the need to continuously add to storage to production systems. Most experts conclude up to 80% of production data is no longer mission critical. Using data archiving reduces overall storage costs while maintaining access through the native… Continue

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Application performance for improvement of business

Enterprise class business applications require multiple copies be made to support test data management processes such as patch, test, QA, and training. Most companies make 6-8 full size clones for every production application, not only wasting storage and time in cloning but potentially exposing sensitive application data to the test environment. Data masking provides companies with a centralized solution to manage the test data… Continue

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Change VIP (2)

4. Verify the correct interface subnet is in use by re-running oifcfg with the 'getif' option:

% $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/oifcfg getif

eth0 global public

eth1 global cluster_interconnect

Notes for Windows Systems

The syntax for changing the interfaces on Windows/RAC clusters is the same as on Unix or Linux, but the interface names will be slightly different. On Windows systems, the default names assigned to the interfaces are generally… Continue

Added by Hossein Heidarpour on March 9, 2009 at 5:03am — No Comments

Change VIP


Applies to:

Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version:

Information in this document applies to any platform.



The purpose of this note is to describe how to change or update the interconnect and/or public interface IP that is stored in the OCR. This may be necessary if there is a network change affecting the servers, or if the original information that was input during the installation was incorrect. It may also be the case that for… Continue

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Data Management Solutions for Telecom

The wireless technology, the Internet, the convergence of data, voice and media and industry consolidations driven by mergers and acquisitions has led to a major metamorphosis in the telecom industry in the last fifteen years. This resulted in a number of challenges for the telecommunication industry like declining revenue, customer churn and growth in regulatory requirements.

Due to millions of subscribers and massive operations, data… Continue

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Data Management Solutions for Large Enterprises

Enterprise data management solutions are ideal for large enterprise companies that manage voluminous business critical data. Data management tools enable companies to more efficiently classify, manage and secure applications, maintain information governance, implement tiered storage strategies and consolidate data.

Data management solutions provide organizations with the tools to mitigate risk, reduce storage costs, enforce consistent security… Continue

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Newly certified Oracle Demantra consultant looking for first gig.

Newly certified in Oracle Demantra Demand planning product. I'm looking for an opportunity here in the US. If you are looking for a eager and qualified candidate please send me your requirements.
Thank you.

Added by Gary Salvadore on March 4, 2009 at 8:09am — No Comments

Date dimension with one SQL statement



n AS Date_ID,

TO_DATE('31/12/2007','DD/MM/YYYY') + NUMTODSINTERVAL(n,'day') AS Full_Date,

TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('31/12/2007','DD/MM/YYYY') + NUMTODSINTERVAL(n,'day'),'DD') AS Days,

TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('31/12/2007','DD/MM/YYYY') + NUMTODSINTERVAL(n,'day'),'Mon') AS Month_Short,

TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('31/12/2007','DD/MM/YYYY') + NUMTODSINTERVAL(n,'day'),'MM') AS Month_Num,

TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('31/12/2007','DD/MM/YYYY') +… Continue

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Suntec’s Data Mining Services Help You Get Efficient Data

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Convert Prospects into Repeat Customers with Amazon Data Entry Services

eCommerce store owners get a better exposure for their products by selling on a platform like Amazon. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or you are already a seller who needs help in managing product listings on this popular online marketplace, stop worrying. Professionals with sound technical knowledge of Amazon product listings, categorization, content, etc. are there to make things easier for you.

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Increase Sales with Unique and Compelling Product Descriptions

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Don’t just sell a product, you need to sell an experience.
You yourself get excited about the features and specifications of your products. But the problem is that your…


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Business Research Helps You Understand Critical Traits of Your Business

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