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Attend4FREE April 2011 Oracle PerfaThon Webinar Series 6 Sessions 6 Experts!

Attend4FREE! "The Oracle 11g PerfaThon - Six Sessions - Six Experts! The Oracle 11g Performance Tuning Event". Event Details:


"The Oracle 11g PerfaThon - Six Sessions - Six Experts"! Learn ALL about Oracle Database Performance Tuning for FREE from the experts at BrainSurface Oracle, Java & MySQL Users Group (BOJMUG).


Note: You…


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opportunity for oracle Functional Financials R12 with Vertex


Functional Financials R12 with Vertex

Location: CA

Duration: 6+ months

Rate: open


Need: Strong Functional Vertex resource with Oracle R12 Financials implementation experience.  Hands on vertex experience is required.  Client is a large manufacturing company.





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Oracle Database on Amazon RDS

I have captured my thoughts around Oracle's entry into Amazon RDS world. Please read it here.

Please share your thoughts -




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11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part4 (ASM Preferred Read Failure Group)


In the previous post of “11g ASM – Inside story – Part3″, we have seen how to to create a datapump dumpset within ASM diskgroup.

In this Part4 of the story, we will see how to configure the ASM instance with a list of preferred disk failure group names to use when accessing ASM disks.

This new 11g parameter is really useful especially for Real Application Clusters (RAC) instances on disks miles apart.

You can configure each instance to be able… Continue

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11g ASM – Inside story – Part3 (Export Datapump)


In the previous post of “11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part2″, we have seen how to restore a diskgroup after a failure.

In this part 3, we will create datapump export dumpsets within ASM diskgroup.

The procedure is valid for 10g Oracle database,

We should follow the steps below:

1- Create a directory from ASM.

2- Create a directory object in the database.

3- Create log file directory. The datapump log file cannot be stored within… Continue

Added by Wissem EL KHLIFI on March 11, 2011 at 3:04pm — No Comments Launches New Website

Technology Certs has launched its new website, at  The significantly redesigned site, personifies the organization’s vision and commitment to affordable, quality IT training. Technology Certs is not new to the IT world, you have seen them before. Their IT training products have been used by companies, individuals and government agencies for years, but they just recently went public with their training, allowing their…


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GetPaid2Speak! Call4Papers! No Travel Required! JavOraThon | The online conference for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communites

Get Paid to Speak! - Call for Papers Deadline: March 31, 2011.

No Travel Required to speak at JavOraThon! Interested in speaking at the largest Online Conference for the Oracle, Java & MySQL Communities? Accepted Speakers will get paid upto a maximum of $5000*. The Speaker Compensation will be based on a factoring model taking into consideration various parameters such as presentation history, popularity…


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10g vs 11g add a column with not null default value


Prior to Oracle database 11g, adding a new column with a default NOT NULL value were a challenge. Especially, when the concerned table contains thousands or millions of records. Oracle 10g updates ALL the rows of the concerned table with the new default value. In my busy real time OLTP databases, I had to create another intermediate table with the same structure plus the new default not null column. This solution needs a switch to the second table and a…


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Edition based redefinition

I have captured my thoughts around "Edition based redefinition" on My blog - here



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11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part2 (Diskgroup restore)

In the previous post of “11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part1″, we have seen how to install grid infrastructure for standalone server and how to setup and configure an ASM instance.
In this Part2 of the story, we will see how to restore a diskgroup after a failure.

Read the complete article here:

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Tired of the Traditional? The Expense? The Timetable? CareerSaver has a solution

New technology changes the way we learn, for the better

Close your eyes, and picture yourself learning some new kind of new material in a classroom. You hear the endless drone of the instructor, the books and paper sitting in front of you, the fact that no one is really paying attention. This traditional style of learning is what many of us imagine when we think of continuing our education or learning new subject matter.…


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Episode Deux - The Oracle 11g RACaThon Online Conference @BrainSurface

Register here:


Learn ALL about Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11g from the experts! This event is a continuation of the popular "Oracle 11g RACaThon Online Conference Series" including Expert Insight, Tips, Tricks, Interactive Q/A & Interview Questions atBrainSurface | The…


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Upgrade from 11i to R12.

Hi Guys,


we at our organisation are planning to upgrade our existing Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to R12

however we will be doing this on new hardware, Therefore I request you all to voice in your experience on the same


Do mention the EBS Architecture & Hardware Specs.



Added by Viquar Ahmed Ali on March 2, 2011 at 12:36am — 5 Comments

11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part1 (including grid infrastructure installation)


This is a series of articles which contains several important enhancements to Automatic Storage Management in Oracle 11gR2.

In this part1, we are going to prepare, install our 11gR2 ASM environment.

In this ASM inside story articles, we are going to use Oracle Linux 5 as the guest operating system, Oracle 11gR2 as database version.

Oracle VirtualBox is our virtualization software.

Oracle Linux Installation

Download and…


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Oracle AQ: working with PL/SQL asynchronous notifications

I'd like to share a basic example of how to consume Oracle AQ messages using PL/SQL:

Posted by Paco Saucedo on December 17, 2014 at 12:45pm

flashback recovery in RAC enviorment using Data Guard Broker

I am trying to flashback recover using DGMGRL from the current primary node.

I am running the following command:

    dgmgrl> reinstate database pri

but I am getting the  error "ORA: 16653" every time when all the instances of failed primary database are up/running but if only one instance is up then it doesn't give any error.

So I want to ask that:

Is flashback recover is supported through DGMGRL or it is supported only in case of one…


Posted by Vishvendra Singh Rana on November 25, 2014 at 7:30am

Join and Union examples of related tables to show different SQL and esProc syntax

Join multiple tables with “join”

The SQL…


Posted by Jim King on October 15, 2014 at 12:02am

profiles in Oracle DBA

I've one question it is related to Oracle DBA, I've just read about password settings in profiles concept, i'm little bit confusing on PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX and PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME, and I understand something about these two topics. I updating here what i'm understand when I was reading about this, so tell me is it right or wrong.

1) PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX: This setting is used for reusing of old passwords. The functionality of this setting is restricts reusing of old password for…


Posted by Bhagya Raj Katta on October 10, 2014 at 7:21am

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