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Diving into the New Enhancements to Backup and Recovery in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Oracle 11g Release 2 brings some major and much-needed enhancements to the earlier release, one of which is the improved Recovery Manager (RMAN). RMAN has seen some radical changes in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery. A set of new backup and recovery features have been brought to the table to offer more efficiency, reliability, and availability. Mentioned below is a brief on the new Backup and Recovery Features for Oracle 11g…


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Various Data Sources Processing without Help of ETL and SQL

Many Java applications are not incorporated with database. So, what if using such Java applications for query or structured data computing? For example, according to an Excel sheet downloaded from a finance website, find the shares rising for N consecutive days in a certain period.

For the computation on structured data, programmers usually embed the SQL statements in the Java code, and access the database…


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Oracle Database 12c - Download Now!!

Hi all

Finally Oracle released Oracle Database 12c to Download. 

The First versions available is for Linux and Solaris x86-64 and x86-64 SPARC64. …


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Oracle Database 12c available for download

Oracle Database 12c with grid infrastructure is available for download from





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Cross-Database Computing at Will Is No Longer Miracle

Java language does not have any competitive advantages in data computing, in particular the massive structured data computing. For example, according to the order detail computation, find out the sales persons who achieve the sales increase over 10% in consecutive 3 months.

Java does not have the related advanced function to implement this. So, only with its native capability, Java can hardly handle such…


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Reinstall Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Agent

This document describes in detail the Steps for Reinstalling Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent 12c using Silent methods and the graphical method to add targets.

Check the complete post here: http://www.oracle-class.com

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Online Oracle 11gR2 RAC DBA Training -Instructor lead

Greetings from TutorsonInternet. I hope you must be doing good.

We are giving you an attractive opportunity to earn with this.
You refer your friends or relatives for our training and receive a referral  bonus…

Added by Nisha on June 13, 2013 at 12:17pm — No Comments Auto archivelog deletion bug


Solving the Oracle version auto archivelog deletion problem


2.1. At Oracle version there is a bug related with deleting archivelogs. Normally when FRA is need a space ,it need to check archivelogs which  can be deleted but because of the bug it doesn’t control which archivelogs can it be deleted ,you need to execute a dbms package to…


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Modify segment attributes on Logical Standby during Migration

Whenever you want to change certain storage attributes of your production tables, a Logical Standby can help. A common case is to do that during a migration.…


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Evidence for successful #Oracle Performance Tuning

This article shows an easy way to determine, whether your Oracle Database Performance Tuning task has been successful – or not.


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No More Trouble on Inter-row Computing with Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet is popular with business users for its simplicity and usability. But it is a pity that some common computations are still tough to solve with spreadsheets. The inter-row computation of summary value is such tough problem.

According to the data of order below, how to calculate the rate of sales increase in each month?

Obviously, the rate of increase in…


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Oracle ACE member - New Achievement

After 15 years working with Information Technology, on May 20th I had an outstanding pleasure to became Oracle Ace Member. I Never ever thougt One day I could be a referencial professional as a Oracle DBA Professional, not even that some people will thank me for wrote an article or give instructions to complete any kind of DBA activity, so I'm really Glad to help and be recognize for that.

That is a new motivation to keep going on an collaborate more and more to Brazillian…


Added by Victor Armbrust on June 2, 2013 at 1:47pm — 3 Comments

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Streamline Your Business Process with Real Estate Data Entry Services

People in the real estate business have to deal with huge volumes of data on a regular basis. It includes the data that is generated from legal documents, property valuation statements, latest commercial and non-commercial property information, etc. This database should be regularly updated and processed properly to help you in your business procedures. With access to relevant real-time data, your business organization can thrive in the commercial real estate market. In…


Posted by Alvaro Dee on March 27, 2017 at 2:48am

Augment the Speed and Efficiency of Website Development with Joomla

Over the past few years, Joomla has emerged out as one of the greatest platforms for designing, developing, and deploying websites and web applications worldwide. Joomla scales up extremely well, uses less memory and gives a brilliant performance. Hire skilled and experienced Joomla developers to use Joomla CMS for developing simple and complex corporate websites. You can even enhance the functioning of your existing website by using this open source platform.

By outsourcing Joomla…


Posted by Alvaro Dee on March 20, 2017 at 4:00am

Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers for Java Developers

An organization hiring a Java developer is looking for someone who can code the applications flawlessly. For the period after Java training, the following is a very important list of ten Java interview questions. Make sure you tap the benefits of this comprehensive list of questions shared by our Java counterparts to crack your next interview.

1. What is immutable…


Posted by Michael Warne on March 17, 2017 at 3:00am

Get the Best Website for Your Business in a Set Time Frame

If you sell products online, you must be knowing how time-consuming and mundane it is to upload products. There are chances of you looking for someone to handle your product data entry tasks. A company that has a wealth of experience and is known for providing its customers with data entry services for a variety of eCommerce solutions can deal efficiently with high volumes of work without any hassle.…


Posted by Alvaro Dee on March 17, 2017 at 2:47am

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