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11gR2 ASM – Inside story – Part 6 (Recreate High available Service and rename Disk group)


I have written this post in 3 different languages; English, French and Spanish...


Extract in English:

In the previous ASM inside story article, which refers to the part 5 of the story. We have seen how to read an ASM file from OS.

In this article, we will see how to recreate the high available service, register the resources and at the end of this article we will rename a diskgroup.

The following procedures have been tested in an 11gR2…


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Oracle e-Business Suite Blog Opened - http://oracleebsapps.blogspot.com



I opened my blog especially handling the Oracle e-Business Suite. As an Oracle Functional and Technical eBS consultant I'll post articles with my experiences in implementing eBS. For example handy SQL statements for issue solving and going behind the standard functionality with writing new concurrent programs will be posted. Currently I'm working with eBS and 12.1.3 for several clients.


Visit the blog at…


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please help me doing this

I am a freshers and i know oracle and c,c++ but i unable to do this,if any one can give me some idea please send it to me
Write a C/C++ program to add a user to MySQL. The user should be permitted to only "INSERT" into the given database.

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11.2 RAC’s New Goodies, Node UnPinning….

From the past few months, I have been delivering a lots of sessions on 11.2 RAC and I must say, there are many new things which are being added to it. There are some more highlighted pieces  about the changes and some are not so much. So I have thought that I shall share those new goodies which didn’t qualify to be come in the limelight here  . Please note that that all what I shall mention is not an earth shattering news and/or internals. These are just notes or pointers about stuff that I… Continue

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Interview with Hans Forbrich – Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Expert

In 1969 I had the opportunity trough the University of Calgary (UofC) to use their computers and write my first program. Not long thereafter, in the 1970s I worked as a contractor writing Fortran programs to pay for my university education. Perhaps the most interesting thing in my history is that I attended UofC Electrical Engineering at the same time that James Gosling attended the same school in Computer Science.


 1- Why did you choose to specialize in Oracle…


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RAC Database tape Restore to a new server


The goal of this article is to build a step by step document which helps you to restore your RAC database from tape to a new host. The destination host may have a database running or not.

It is always possible to have your test environment to setup the tape MML and the servers. In my case, this is an exercise to know better how RMAN restore works.

In this document, I am using RMAN to backup the RAC database. The RAC database is 11g…


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Oracle Database Firewall

Most of have heard about Oracle Database Firewall that was released recently.. it adds to a host of other database security products that Oracle has such as Audit Vault, VPD, Secure Backup etc. Read more about it on my post

I will be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback. Share and rate it if you like it.

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Replacing a damaged Hard Disk on Exadata Cells

A task that you will most likely encounter during the administration of Exadata is the replacement of a damaged Hard Disk on the storage servers:


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11gR2; Sqlnet.ora and Oracle Restart

What’s the effect of adding this entry SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE) to the SQLNET.ORA file?

To enable password authentication for sys user, I used to add the SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NONE) to the SQLNET.ORA.

But, this is making serious problem in RAC and grid infrastructure installations. Remember that Oracle Restart which was introducted with Oracle 11gR2 is the framework responsible of the availability of the Oracle database components. Oracle Restart uses…


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Patch 12311357 – Patch Set Update Standalone grid infrastructure


This is my experience with the Patch 12311357 – Patch Set Update Standalone grid infrastructure.

In my precedent post, article I have shown how to apply the Patch 12311357 in RAC environment.

1- Backup the database:

First of all, it-s recommended to backup your database with RMAN.

2- Update the Opatch version;

Make sure you have updated the Opatch with the latest…


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Trace Materialized views;

One of my colleagues raised the issue that she ‘s not able to see the truncate or delete statements when she tries to trace 5 materialized views in only one refresh shot.

This behaviour does not occur in the case of 1 materialized view refresh.
I came across the issue after an investigation and I found the solution, so I wanted to share it.


Read more here: http://wp.me/p1hlba-xA



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RAC Patch 12311357 – GI Patch Set Update and mutex patch – 4 Nodes on Redhat Linux


Follow the Readme.html or .txt for each Patch:

* Update Opatch

* Patch 12311357 – GI Patch Set Update (Includes Database PSU

* Patch for Bug# 12431716 for Linux x86-64 Platforms; mutex patch

You can find below the steps we followed to patch both grid infrastructure and database homes for RAC 4 nodes on Redhat Linux:


FOR EACH NODE DO THE FOLLOWING: The cluster should be up and running to apply…


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LGWR redo write times (log file parallel write)

General ***rule of thumb*** I’ve heard and buy into is that decent log file syncs times should be 3ms or under. Well “log file sync” depends on “log file parallel write” times, and “log file parallel write” times depend on the size of the write, thus I looked at some different log write sizes on a Solaris system with redo files on a SAN with plenty of write back cache and 4Gb FC and there are the distributions I saw on this single system

In the following charts

  • X axis is…

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About Oracle DBA career

Dear All,


I am working from last 4 years as an Oracle DBA on 9i and 10g but in my organization i don't have lots of work on oracle.

So i have to work many other things with oracle.


Now, I am really confused about my career. Should i work as an oracle dba or should i change my career.


Todays world every organization wants RAC but i have knowledge of Basic Oracle Administration and RMAN.

Pleaes let me know what should i…


Added by Anil Kumar Verma on July 14, 2011 at 11:47pm — 4 Comments

Oracle VM Images for Developer community

So, Oracle has pre-installed development stacks in Oracle VM which can be used to quickly setup your development environments. Here you go - blog post

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Important Statistics & Wait Events on Exadata

With this posting, I’d like to highlight the most important Statistics & Wait Events on Exadata that a DBA needs to be familiar with in my view:


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SQL*Plus output in nice HTML format

Every DBA knows that: SQL*Plus is a powerful tool, but its output is often almost unreadable. Do we have to format everything carefully with col commands or change to a more comfortable GUI instead? No!


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Database upgrade guide

Came across a very useful database upgrade guide on Metalink - Read on my blog

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How to Set Yourself Up For Success on eBay

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