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View ALL workflows from ALL users

In most fresh instances you're not able to see all the workflows running on your system if you login with your own username with maybe System Administrator or the Workflow Administrator responsibility. Within the status monitor of Oracle Workflow you are only able to check active or completed workflows owned by yourself - in fact owned by the HR user which is attached to your username.This might be caused due to the fact that user SYSADMIN is the Workflow System Administrator of your…

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Interview with Kellyn Pot’vin – Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Director of membership and vendors and Oracle Expert

Kellyn Pot’vin (pronounced Poet-Vaughn) has been a Database Administrator for 11years, specializing in large database performance tuning. In the last year she’s been working with large SSD databases and Exadata, taking advantage of the newest technology and performance tuning features. Kellyn is known for her technical blog, and is the director of membership and vendors for Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group, (RMOUG). She’s performed numerous presentations on… Continue

Added by Wissem EL KHLIFI on August 31, 2011 at 12:42pm — No Comments PSU Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)

This is how I applied the PSU Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit).

1- Download the latest opatch:

You can follow the MOS ID: 6880880 to download the latest Opatch.

view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

-bash-3.00$ cd $ORACLE_HOME

-bash-3.00$ mv OPatch OPatch.OLD

-bash-3.00$ cp /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/

-bash-3.00$ unzip

-bash-3.00$ opatch… Continue

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Invisible Indexes

My blog post on invisible indexes -







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Creating Datapump files at ASM

2.1. Executing classic impdp&expdp commands when using ASM space would be get the following errors.…


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How to get an overview of your organization hierarchy in EBS

Within Oracle E-Business Suite hierarchies are used a lot. Some examples are the position hierarchy, supervisor hierarchy, expenditure organization hierarchy and the organization hierarchy.

Common functionality which is using hierarchies are the approval workflows, to generate the approval list in the Approval Management Engine (AME) for example. Also data security can be handled by incorporating an organization hierarchy within normal or global security profiles in HR. User John…


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Rollback a previous workplan version in Project Management

After a period of silence due to go lives of the client new articles will follow again. This one about how to rollback to a previous workplan version.When you enabled Workplan versioning on your project or project template you'll get Working versions and Published versions of your workplan. Structural changes and sc...

Read more on my blog at…


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Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) Nedir?

ASM Cluster Dosya Sistemi ilk olarak Oracle sürümü ile Linux sistemler üzerinde desteklenecek şekilde hizmete girmiş, Oracle sürümü ile Solaris, AIX,HP-UX ve Windows platformlarınada bu destek hizmete girmektedir. Oracle sürümü ile ACFS yapısına replikasyon, etiketleme, şifreleme ve realm tabanlı güvenlik özellikleride ilave edilmiştir.

ACFS sadece ASM volumleri desteklemektedir, ancak ASMLib sürücüleri ile kullanılamaz ve fdisk gibi formatlama araçları ile…


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Simple!!! - Install Grid Infrastructure for standalone server + Database and Create database by SILENT mode

I interested to Install Grid Infrastructure for standalone server + Database and Create database by SILENT mode. So, I just tested it.

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Copy ASM files to file system

You can use the package DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER to copy files from ASM to file system.

In this post, I am going to show you how to do it;

1- Make your ASM datafile Offline:…


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Longtime business relocates as industry booms

Interactive Study Systems/CareerSaver makes room for growth


In a move hallmarked by phenomenal growth, Interactive Study Systems / CareerSaver, has relocated to the Gateway Centre in Pinellas Park, Florida. With thousands of clients and training programs covering all of the major vendors and certifications and nine years in the industry; ISS is expanding their business.


The business quickly outgrew the Largo, Florida location as…


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Oracle network konfigürasyonun optimizasyonu

Oracle veritabanları büyük ölçekli firmalarda genellikle coğrafik olarak farklı bölgelere dağıtılmıştır, böylece Oracle veritabanları uzmanları için veritabanının network bağlantılarından nasıl etkilendiğinin anlaşılması önemli bir görev olmaktadır. Oracle tarafından sağlanan Transparent Network Substrate(TNS), veritabanları arasında dağıtık bağlantılara izin vermektedir.

Dağıtık işlemlerin performansı bu yazıda yer alan bazı değişiklikler ile arttırılabilecektir. Bu değişiklikler… Continue

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Installing Oracle 10g 32 bit Database on Windows 7/Vista

This video will take you through the steps to install Oracle 10g Release 2 on Windows 7 (Same steps work for Windows Vista). Usually if you install Oracle database on window 7/Vista you would get an error,

Abnormal Program Termination. An internal error has occurred. Please provide the following files to Oracle Support.




Follow the steps shown in this video to successfully install Oracle Database on Windows…


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Dataloader Library -


I added a Dataloader library to my blog where you're able to download a big selection of dataloader scripts. I'll continue updating the library with new ones as my archive built up during my implementations is quite extensive.

Visit my blog at


Cyriel van Schaik

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Interview with Fahd Mirza – Oracle ACE and Oracle Expert

Fahd Mirza is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in 11g DBA and 10g DBA He has been working with Oracle products since 2001 including Database Administrator, Application Server Administrator and Oracle RAC Administrator, with proven skills in managing Oracle databases (OLTP and Data warehouse) and Application Servers on Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and Windows Servers. Fahd is an avid blogger and active member on OTN. He is currently working at… Continue

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Interview with Kai Yu – Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Expert

Kai Yu is a senior engineer and solution architect in Dell Oracle Solutions Engineering Lab .He is working with Oracle Technology as an Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA since 1995. Kai specializes in Oracle RAC, Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle VM. He has published 15 technical whitepapers and given more than… Continue

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Online RAC DBA Training - Instructor lead

Our next batch on Oracle RAC DBA Training is going to commence on 17 September 2011

Why you need to attend this training:-Any one , who wants to start their career as RAC DBA, need to know the basic concept as well as hand-on experience.Otherwise its difficult to get entry and survival in DBA filed.Working professionals RAC DBA have less time apart from busy scheduled. There are still many field, which are untouched in their daily task.

We are providing step by step guidance to… Continue

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Auto-managing an Oracle database: Fix database alerts automatically


With database systems growing, database administrators increasingly have to deal with routine tasks. Small tasks may consume time, resources and increase the cost. Oracle 11g version provides solutions allowing to automatically fix some of those routine tasks.

Oracle 11g provides tools like Data Recovery Advisor DRA (check my article about this tool here:…


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Oracle E-Business Suite Blog -

This blog is featuring information, tips, tricks and everything you want to know of the Oracle E-Business Suite. I'll post experiences I have and things I come across - and also the way to solve possible issues when needed (believe me this will happen :-p)
Visit to read articles on a wide number of aspects and functionality of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

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Oracle AMDU

Oracle AMDU

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Streamline Your Business Process with Real Estate Data Entry Services

People in the real estate business have to deal with huge volumes of data on a regular basis. It includes the data that is generated from legal documents, property valuation statements, latest commercial and non-commercial property information, etc. This database should be regularly updated and processed properly to help you in your business procedures. With access to relevant real-time data, your business organization can thrive in the commercial real estate market. In…


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Augment the Speed and Efficiency of Website Development with Joomla

Over the past few years, Joomla has emerged out as one of the greatest platforms for designing, developing, and deploying websites and web applications worldwide. Joomla scales up extremely well, uses less memory and gives a brilliant performance. Hire skilled and experienced Joomla developers to use Joomla CMS for developing simple and complex corporate websites. You can even enhance the functioning of your existing website by using this open source platform.

By outsourcing Joomla…


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Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers for Java Developers

An organization hiring a Java developer is looking for someone who can code the applications flawlessly. For the period after Java training, the following is a very important list of ten Java interview questions. Make sure you tap the benefits of this comprehensive list of questions shared by our Java counterparts to crack your next interview.

1. What is immutable…


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Get the Best Website for Your Business in a Set Time Frame

If you sell products online, you must be knowing how time-consuming and mundane it is to upload products. There are chances of you looking for someone to handle your product data entry tasks. A company that has a wealth of experience and is known for providing its customers with data entry services for a variety of eCommerce solutions can deal efficiently with high volumes of work without any hassle.…


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