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pl/sql de procedure, function overloading işlemi


Overload işlemi nedir ve neden ihtiyaç duyarız bunlara biz göz atalım ve pl/sql ile procedure ve function overload işlemi için hazırladığım örnek package kodlarımızı inceleyelim. Tabi overload deyince de aklımıza hemen yan taraftaki resim gibi izlenim oluşmasın. Bizim yapacağımız işlem kendi kontrolümüzde olacak ve yan taraftakine benzer bir…


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pl/sql de exception kullanımı


Her işlemde olduğu gibi yazılım geliştirmede de hatalar alırız. Önemli olan hata almak değil aldığımız ya da almayı beklediğimiz hataları doğru bir şekilde yönetmektir. Hazırladığımız programlarda doğru bir hata yönetimi yaparsak bize bu hatalar için çok az geri dönüş olur. Ama doğru bir hata yönetimi yapmayıp olduğu gibi düz bir planda programlarımızı…


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pl/sql de wrapped işlemi


Pl/Sql ile geliştirdiğimiz kodları dış dünya ile ortak kullanacağımız zaman güvenlik için bu programların kaynak kodlarını şifrelememiz gerekir. Bu durumda dbms_ddl paketini kullanırız ve bu paket altında bulunan wrap fonksiyonu ile şifrelediğimiz kodların şifreli halini alabiliriz ya da create_wrapped…


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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Do you find out any tricky technical question then share it with this community. Some of I found from following site

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The Pros and Cons of Database Computation for Structured Data

In Java, implementing via SQL is a well-developed practice for database computation. However, the structured data is not only stored in the database, but also in the text, Excel, and XML files. Considering this, how to compute appropriately regarding the structured data from non-database files? This article raises 3 solutions…


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Powerful Database Computation Tool Helps Report Development

According to research, most complex report development work can be simplified by performing the data source computation in advance. For example, find out the clients who bought all products in the given list, and then present the details of these clients.

In developing such reports, it is the “computation” part and not the “presentation” part that brings about major difficulties. In which stage will the computation be…


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Checking the status of disk usage on OS with the help of external table


At this artichle i am going to explain how to check disk capacity and usage while using external table option.

Ps: I just test it on HP-UX and Linux servers.



2.1. First of all we need to play output of df command. Our purpose is to eliminate space and tab on out and we will change them to comma.And also at script we are not going to take first line of output and we…


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A Better Way for Data Process Instead of Being Troubled by SQL

In Java development, the typical data computation problems are characterized with:

Long computation procedure requiring a great deal of debugging

Data may from database, or Excel/Txt

Data may from multiple databases, instead of just one.

Some computation goals are complex, such as relative position computation, and set-related computation

Just suppose a sales department needs to make statistics on the top 3 outstanding…


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How to Consolidate Data from Various Databases in One Report?

In report development, we may need to present the data from multiple databases in one report, such as data from MSSQL database for CRM and Oracle database for ERP. If the reporting tool like iReport only supports single data source, then we need to consolidate the multiple data sources into a single data source.

The Crystal, BIRT, and other so-called reporting tools for multiple data source can only join 2 result sets…


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Suntec’s Data Mining Services Help You Get Efficient Data

It is a well- established fact that the availability of accurate and updated data is the base of undertaking successful business operations. Data is required at all point of business operations ranging from buying of goods and services from suppliers to marketing your final product. Often, business organizations fail to utilize their data to its full potential.

At SunTec, our…


Posted by Alvaro Dee on May 26, 2017 at 3:46am

Convert Prospects into Repeat Customers with Amazon Data Entry Services

eCommerce store owners get a better exposure for their products by selling on a platform like Amazon. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or you are already a seller who needs help in managing product listings on this popular online marketplace, stop worrying. Professionals with sound technical knowledge of Amazon product listings, categorization, content, etc. are there to make things easier for you.

You can outsource …


Posted by Alvaro Dee on April 12, 2017 at 10:05pm

Increase Sales with Unique and Compelling Product Descriptions

Are you thinking about opening an online store? Or, do you already have one? Whether you have a small online business or a big store, the manner in which you list your products leads to a dramatic impact on your sales.

Don’t just sell a product, you need to sell an experience.
You yourself get excited about the features and specifications of your products. But the problem is that your…


Posted by Alvaro Dee on April 10, 2017 at 11:18pm

Business Research Helps You Understand Critical Traits of Your Business

Business organization needs strong customer and actionable industry insights to develop better understanding of its market and other important aspects. It can meet business objectives and make tactical, strategic and operational decisions with the help of business research services. The growth of a company largely depends on effective business research. You can conduct a successful market research with…


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