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Oracle Database Asynchronous Commit - Changing transactions Control

One of the most common concepts in Oracle Database is a transaction that is not completed while it definitely is not recorded in the Online Redo Logs. Once a COMMIT is executed, we can really make sure that transaction was written at Online RedoLog Files and the date are safe to use in case of Disaster.


Since Oracle 10gR2 this behavior can be changed using AC. (Asynchronous Commit).
Using the feature "Asynchronous Commit" it is…

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Wait Events: "Log File Sync and Log File Parallel Write"

In OLTP environments, one of the biggest performance problems is the excessive wait events for recordings Online Redo Log Files. Every time that Oracle Database waits for recordings in these files can observe events "Log File Sync 'and' Log File Parallel Write".


What is the expected event 'log file sync'?


When a session of a user or application executes a COMMIT, the information stored in memory Redo (LOG_BUFFER) are discharged in the…

Added by Victor Armbrust on December 16, 2012 at 4:30am — 2 Comments

Export Table statistics from one user to another


This article describes how to export / import table statistics from one user to another.

The goal is to import table statistics of the user wissem to a user wiss. The table conserned is named W_WRKFC_EVT_FS. Both users are in the same database. In the case of the users are created in different databases, the same steps can be used by using export/import datapump instead of create the table statistics using CTAS (Create Table As…


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Facing OLAP's Shortest Board, What's the Remedy From BI Industry?

10 years ago, OLAP ushered the brilliant age of business intelligence. In the global market, it keeps growing at double digits. Enterprisers hope this new technology will help them implement the flexible and free data analysis, providing the truly valuable business decision, and telling them which are their cash cows and stars types businesses. With 10 years passed by, up to now, the splendid prospect of…


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Oracle Clusterware - Concepts and Architecture

Overview of Oracle RAC 

A cluster consists of multiple interconnected computers or servers that aims at sharing / process user requests for applications to end users. Oracle RAC allows a Database is clustered.Oracle RAC uses Oracle Clusterware as the infrastructure for processing several instances as a single system. 

Under the operation of Oracle RAC: …


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Need help with OEM grid control installation.

Can anyone put some articles about how to install OEM 11g grid control on VMware? How to troubleshoot OEM? Once you install oracle 11g for windows OEM grid control is automatically installed i know how to start and stop services on windows but on job you have to troubleshoot it on Linux.I have installed EM12CR. it takes 5.1 gb, i am new in the field and confused do i have to have a seperate vmware for this thing or i can install it on same machine, where my current database is installed? i…


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Configuring DBFS on Oracle Exadata Database Machine

What is Oracle Database File System (DBFS)?
The DBFS (Database File System) is a native feature of Oracle 11gR2 found on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The Purpose of DBFS is to provide a point-mont (File System) which is managed by the Oracle Database. The DBFS is similar to NFS since it provides a shared file system. As a NFS, works as client /…

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How to make a Clone of an ORACLE_HOME


This procedure has as main objective conduct a CLONE of a ORACLE HOME in an existing installation of Oracle Database (10g or 11g) on ​​Linux / Unix. The Clone consists of an exact copy of binaries and configuration files.
Some relevant characteristics:
- Optimization of time for installation of a new ORACLE HOME;
- No need to installation media;
- Does not require downtime of existing ORACLE HOME;

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Get Rid of Mistaken Thoughts of OLAP in Your Mind

OLAP is a type of BI software that emerged and gradually developed 20 years ago. OLAP can be used to handle the complex computation flexibly and rapidly according to the requirements of analyzers and present the result to the decision-makers in an intuitive and understandable style. The decision-makers can thus grasp the enterprise operating status accurately, understand the object requirements, and set the right scheme.

The original intention of OLAP is the arbitrary…


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11g; Sql Plan Management


This article describes how to manage optimal SQL execution plans using SQL plan management. SQL plan management preserves efficient execution plans and evaluates every changed plan. Plan changes can be due to the system change (Database upgrade, changes in database parameters, changes in optimizer parameters, changes in optimizer statistics, system configuration, etc …).

SQL plan management (SPM) is a proactive way to guarantee stable performance…


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Suntec’s Data Mining Services Help You Get Efficient Data

It is a well- established fact that the availability of accurate and updated data is the base of undertaking successful business operations. Data is required at all point of business operations ranging from buying of goods and services from suppliers to marketing your final product. Often, business organizations fail to utilize their data to its full potential.

At SunTec, our…


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Convert Prospects into Repeat Customers with Amazon Data Entry Services

eCommerce store owners get a better exposure for their products by selling on a platform like Amazon. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or you are already a seller who needs help in managing product listings on this popular online marketplace, stop worrying. Professionals with sound technical knowledge of Amazon product listings, categorization, content, etc. are there to make things easier for you.

You can outsource …


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Increase Sales with Unique and Compelling Product Descriptions

Are you thinking about opening an online store? Or, do you already have one? Whether you have a small online business or a big store, the manner in which you list your products leads to a dramatic impact on your sales.

Don’t just sell a product, you need to sell an experience.
You yourself get excited about the features and specifications of your products. But the problem is that your…


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Business Research Helps You Understand Critical Traits of Your Business

Business organization needs strong customer and actionable industry insights to develop better understanding of its market and other important aspects. It can meet business objectives and make tactical, strategic and operational decisions with the help of business research services. The growth of a company largely depends on effective business research. You can conduct a successful market research with…


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